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Hilltop Christian Preschool Staff

Here at Hilltop Christian Preschool we have 4 amazing teachers and teacher aide. They work very hard to meet each individual child's needs as well as thier families. They are in charge of 3 classrooms and they each bring something different to each classroom.

Ms. Terrice  is in charge of our Butterflies class. This class is for children who are 2 years of age. Ms. Terrice has a beautiful class that invites young children to explore, get messy, and learn through all their fun projects. This class is perfect for your 2 year old! 

Mrs. Dorothy is our teacher for the Bears Class. Mrs. Dorothy has been one of longest working staff members here and she enjoys the 3 year old friends. She has a perfect way of enganging your young child in activities while still learning! Come meet Mrs. Dorothy

Here is Mrs. Dorothy with her son

Ms. Liliana is our teacher for the Busy Bees Class and as well as the Director of the preschool. Ms. Liliana loves teaching children and enjoys getting them ready for kindergarten; and is always in contact with the Kindergarten teacher to ensure they are on the right track. She teaches through games, stories, and of course hands on activities. She acknowledges where every child stands and makes sure to give each child the attention they need to thrive in her classroom. She enjoys teaching the 4 year old class as well as being thier for all the families needs.

Ms. Liliana during Graduation with her student